Top 10 Used Tractors Under $6,000
The rules for the best hobby farmer tractor:
(1.) No less than 20HP at the drawbar. This is about 23 engine horsepower for a gear driven tractor. You need this kind of power to pull a stuck car out of the mud or snow. Any tractor over 40HP is overkill.
(2.) Weigh at least 2,500 pounds with fuel and the driver. This weight is needed to put the power to the ground for plowing and loader work.
(3.) Cost less than $6,000 used (only for the tractor). The asking price may be higher, but all of the below tractors can be had for under $6,000 if you shop around and are willing to travel.
1. Kubota L305 & L2850:   Buy Kubota Tractors
Don't be fooled by the faded orange paint. Paint is cheap. Kubota dominated the compact tractor market in the late 1970s. When it came time for Kubota to build a larger tractor, they went overkill on quality. With 30HP the L305 and L2850 have plenty of power. At about 2,500 pounds, they are easy to load on a landscape trailer. Ditto for the smaller L275, L285, and the larger Kubota L345 models. Parts and implements galore!
Kubota Corp. Site
Kubota L305
2. John Deere 950:   Buy John Deere Tractors
These tractors just run and run. The robust Japanese Yanmar drivetrain is the reason. I have seen John Deere 950 tractors with over 6,000 hours on them without needing a rebuild. The reason we picked the John Deere 950 as #2 is because you get the Yanmar quality & performance with the support from thousands of John Deere dealers. Also check out the smaller John Deere 850, 855 and 870 tracors, as they are pretty darn good too.
John Deere Home Page
John Deere 950

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    3. Yanmar 2310 & 2620:   Buy Yanmar Tractors
    Yanmar is good enough to make equipment for John Deere! Many of the YM 2310 and YM 2620 tractors imported to the USA are with the Zen Noh brand name. The grey market for Yanmar used tractors is huge! Some real bargains on refurbished units and low hour tractors are to be had. You can sometimes buy these cheap enough that you have money for a loader. Also check out the smaller Yanmar YM 2210 and the powerful YM 3110.
    Yanmar America
    Yanmar YM 2310
    4. Ford 2600:   Buy Ford Tractors
    The Ford 2600 is not considered a compact tractor. If you want a tractor made in the USA, it is going to be big. But what a high quality machine! With the extra heft and wider stance, this has to be a top choice for a front end loader. The older Ford 2000 is built to last forever too. Look for the 2nd generation Ford 2000 with the 3 cylinder diesel. You still see them mowing grass in parks and school grounds. I knew of one Ford 2000 park tractor that didn't have the oil changed for 18 years and it still ran! It is also worth checking out the Ford 2310 and 2610 series.
    New Holland Site
    Ford 2600

    5. John Deere 1010 & 1020:   Buy John Deere Tractors
    Oldies but goodies. Just like the Ford 2600 above, the John Deere 1010 & 1020 tractors are not compact, but full size tractors. The 1010 has been in production since the early 1960s and was a huge success. With a front loader these tractors are just awesome. The John Deere 1010 and 1020 tractors may be too big to fit in your garage. If you can find them in your price range, the newer John Deere 1050 and 1070 tractors are good too. John Deere Museum Online
    John Deere 1010
    6. Allis Chalmers 5020 & 5030:(Hinomoto)   Buy Allis Tractors
    If you don't like Allis Chalmers orange, look at the green Deutz-Allis 5220 and 5230 models. Hinomoto made these tractors for Allis Chalmers and Deutz-Allis. In Japan Hinomoto is considered the "Lexus" of compact tractors. Hinomoto also made some models for Simplicity and Massey Ferguson. You can find reburished grey market Hinomoto tractors for bargain prices. In fact the Allis Chalmers 5020 5030 and Deutz-Allis 5220 5230 tractors can be found pretty cheap.
    Unofficial Allis Chalmers
    Deutz Allis Chalmers 5020

    Tractor Supply Company
    7. Massey Ferguson MF 210 & MF 230:   Buy MF Tractors
    I just love british humor. The brits are also resonsable for giving us Jaguar cars and Massey Ferguson tractors. The Massey Ferguson MF 210 is made by Hinomoto in Japan with the bulletproof Toyosha diesel. The MF 230 tractors have been refined since the 1960s (see MF 135). You will be amazed at just how many low hour Massey Ferguson tractors there are out there. The Perkins diesel in the Massey Ferguson MF 230 is a real champ. Massey Ferguson tractors don't age as fast as many others.
    Massey Ferguson Site
    Massey Ferguson MF 230
    8. Ford 1900 & 1910: (& Ford New Holland)   Buy Ford Tractors
    Just like John Deere's deal with Yanmar, Ford went to Japan and hooked up with Shibaura. The Shibaura tractors are every bit as good as Kubota and Yanmar. You know how Ford has contracts with cities and counties for their cars and trucks? They sold them Ford tractors too. Some have been painted yellow or orange, but that is OK. The Ford 1900 and 1910 are not too big or too small, but just right. If you can live with a smaller tractor, the 1700 and 1710 models were popular too. Also look for the "Ford New Holland" name,
    Ford 1900

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    9. Mitsubishi 2350 & 2650:   Buy Mitsubishi Tractors
    The Mitsubishi 2350 and 2650 tractors are true compacts. Mitsubishi is known for putting big engines in little tractors. Some people may think these tractors are pretty, and some think they are butt ugly. Mitsubishi tractors also have been marketed under the Satoh and Kumiai brand names. Mitsubishi has made tractors for Cub Cadet and Case IH. If you need a compact tractor with big power, Mitsubishi is it.
    Mitsubishi Satoh Club
    Mitsubishi 2350
    10. International 274 & 284: (& Case IH)   Buy IHC Tractors
    Also see the Case IH 265 and 275 tractors. Made in the USA with Japanese diesel power from Mitsubishi, Nissan, and Mazda. The International 274 284 and Case IH 265 275 tractors were built to last a lifetime. With the huge Case IH dealer network, parts are easy to get. In fact, some auto parts stores may have the IHC parts you need. You see many International tractors for sale with loaders and finishing mowers already attached. International tractors were very expensive when new, and most owners don't want to part with them.
    Case IH North America
    International 284
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